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Fujitsu launches next-gen front office image scanner

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. announced today the launch of the fi-800R, a compact A4 versatile image scanner for front office use in the fi Series lineup.

“Fujitsu has been the global image scanner market leader for a decade*2. We are committed to innovation and caring about our customers’ needs and that is why we are introducing the fi-800R, our next-generation compact scanner. As the smallest image scanner in its class*3, the fi-800R is simply easy to operate and the ideal scanner for limited workspaces like reception desks and service counters,” said Paula Vicente, product manager, Fujitsu Imaging Products.

Expansion of financial service digitization and automation in relation to the rise of FinTech, increases in residential transactions due to increasing immigrants worldwide. Accelerating digitization in medication and healthcare fields have also resulted in demands for improved efficiency of operations over the counter.

To meet these demands, Fujitsu has developed the fi-800R, the new compact A4 compatible scanner to assist both booklet scanning and continuous ADF document scanning. It also comes with the scanner’s world-first technology that corrects skewed documents one at a time, as well as software that checks document orientation and sorts documents for simplified pre-scanning operation. These powerful yet simple operations reduce operator workload and assist reception operations, enabling users to provide better customer service.

Key Features

The fi-800R is the smallest scanner in its class and is designed to fit in any limited space. Equipped with a Dual Path Mechanism, the device comes with Return Scan, perfect for scanning passports and ID cards and U-turn Scan, suitable for continuous scanning. Return scan allows documents up to 5mm thick, ideal for plastic cards and passports, and does not need a carrier sheet. On the other hand, the U-turn scan feature boosts productivity with its high speed and document stacker.

Other features like automatic skew correction ensures that no detail is missed, even if the documents are roughly set on the scanner itself. It can also smartly detects the thickness and condition of the document to be scanned.

Additionally, the PaperStream software can detect and extract information for efficient data entry. It also automatically switches to the appropriate path depending on the location that documents are loaded so that users can complete scanning a mixed batch of documents at once without any interruptions to switch the paths on the scanner or profile settings in the software.

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