The Samsung Galaxy A9 is the world’s first quad rear camera smartphone and it’s set to make its debut in the Philippines this December.

Physically, it looks almost the same as the Galaxy A7, but obviously the four cameras set it apart. Compared to the previous model, the Galaxy A9 is quite a handful due to its increased size (162.5 x 77 x 7.8mm) and weight (183g.)

It comes in two colors, Lemonade Blue and Caviar Black, which are equally attractive variants. While the Caviar Black would be the more usual choice due to its classic look, the Lemonade Blue’s vibrance is just right and does not seem too overwhelming.

Each of the four cameras feature different functions, promising to provide its users a new perspective of their surroundings.

The newest addition to their set of cameras is the 10-megapixel 2x Optical Zoom camera is said to go really close and capture subjects in great detail. While the closeup shots are not as blurry as with other phones, they are not as detailed, either.

Much like the A7, the Galaxy A9 also features a 120-degree Ultra-Wide-Angle camera. The quality is quite similar to the A7, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. This camera beautifully captures expansive surroundings without the hassle of movement required by the Panorama mode we’re used to.

There is also the Live Focus feature brought by the Depth Lens for the bokeh effect. While it indeed delivers great-looking shots, you will have to exert some effort as the camera sensors are not as quick and responsive as you’d expect.

Photos taken in low light settings turn out bright though not as crisp and detailed as expected.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 will be available starting next month for P32,990.

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