Just when you think Facebook can’t get any bigger, it does. And as it gets bigger it adds more and more features (like being able to make video comments). The end goal is to keep people within its ecosystem, even if that means they have to force your hand to do it.

Just like what they did with Messenger before, they’re doing it with their photo-sharing app Moments now. Unless you want to lose the synced photos (you may or may not know) you’ve been storing on Facebook.

Facebook Moments

The social network is giving its users until July 7th to download Moments before it gets rid of your private “Synced from phone” album. They’ve even gone to the extent of emailing users about this change. But if you don’t want to use this app, you can opt to download a zip file of all those photos.

Moments lets you share private uploads of photos to select friends instead of on the social network.

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