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Experience more than your typical family car with the Suzuki Ertiga


The latest Suzuki Ertiga’s exterior design gives off a smooth, elegant and straightforward look that features a taller and wider nose, deeper curvatures, dynamic shoulder lines, an aerodynamic body, and a body styled with refined chrome accents. Similar to the preceding Ertiga models, Suzuki’s latest version also has stylish headlamps and large rear lights. What I like about the current Ertiga model in terms of appearance is that its horizontal accents portray a smoother and sleeker aesthetic, giving the MPV a more modern and suave look.


The Suzuki Ertiga Black Edition’s interior is where elegance meets utility, as the primarily black dashboard is complimented by woodgrain design on the panels and door trims, depicting both a stylish and classy look. Its layout is also clean and simple with the 10-inch touch panel audio system at the very center, and three knobs below it for air conditioning and its different modes. The Suzuki Ertiga also features a D-shaped steering wheel that gives off a smooth and modern feel when handled.

Driven or ridden by someone with average build but on the shorter side in terms of physique, the Suzuki Ertiga felt neither too big nor too small in terms of its overall size. At the driver’s seat, there is ample leg room, head room as well as space for my arms to move around without feeling too cramped. The second row doesn’t feel tight as well as there is likewise ample legroom and headroom. I personally like the four air conditioner vents directly above the second row, as the Manila heat is always a bother for us all. At the third and final row, there is surprisingly a good amount of space laterally for two passengers, but legroom is definitely lessened. Fortunately for those at the very back, the second row of seats are able to slide and adjust 240mm in length, leaving just enough space for everyone in all rows when spaced accordingly.

At the trunk, there is also a good amount of space with a total capacity of 153 liters of luggage, which is very useful when going on grocery runs, out of town trips, or simply just carrying large amounts of load. To accommodate family, friends and large and/or unusually shaped baggage, all four chairs in the second and third rows are foldable, for a maximum 803 liters worth of luggage space. All of these chairs are also lightweight and very easy to handle when reclining or adjusting, making it that much easier to work with.

Tech & Safety Features

The 10-inch touch panel on the dashboard possesses all the basic necessities that an in-vehicle infotainment should have: navigation, radio, Bluetooth and USB connection. A great thing about a 10-inch touch panel is that it’s large enough to be easily read, understood, as well as operated, which is something I found particularly convenient when utilizing its navigation.

The Ertiga also comes with reverse parking sensors and a rear-view camera for added safety and assistance. As passenger safety is of utmost priority of the Ertiga, its HEARTECT technology creates a smoothly curving frame which enhances the driving experience, all while reducing overall noise and vibration at the same time for a more pleasant drive. Moreover, it also raises fuel efficiency by lowering weight, ultimately dispersing energy more efficiently for maximum passenger protection. On a side note, one minor feature that I like is the mini air conditioner vents directly on the cupholders, something that can keep my iced coffee cold as I go through my morning errands.


The Ertiga features a more powerful and efficient 1.5-liter powerplant, as its spirited response is paired with high fuel efficiency. All of these are put together in a compact which nevertheless produces impressive torque, with a maximum of 138Nm/4,400rpm. Its engine is powerful and reliable enough to support and withstand loads of multiple passengers and/or heavy cargo, something that vehicles of this ilk should definitely have.

Driving & Handling

In terms of the driving experience, I greatly enjoyed the Ertiga’s responsiveness and feel when at the wheel. I felt very minimal kick when accelerating quickly and stopping abruptly, resulting in a relatively smooth and easy ride, which is something that cars filled with passengers, especially families, should have. When turning the corner quickly, the vehicle isn’t too high off the ground that you won’t be bothered by too much tilt or roll. The car both feels and looks smaller than it actually is, making it a lot easier and trouble-free when parking and maneuvering. Moreover, a repeated shift from gas to brake and vice versa isn’t jarring, leading to a rather smooth transition during stop-and-go traffic, which is something that any Manila-based driver would no doubt appreciate greatly.

Overall, the Suzuki Ertiga is a great all-around utility vehicle, most especially for smaller-scale families who not only need a car that could take them and their load places, but to do it safely, comfortably and pleasantly. Being fuel-efficient is also a major plus with the Ertiga, especially given that a vehicle of such practicality and purposefulness is expected to put on a lot of mileage in a short amount of time. For an MPV at a starting price of just P738,000, the Ertiga is both less expensive than its main competitors and is also more than worth its price, given the many duties and purposes that this car can more than fulfill.

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