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Everything you need in a smart home solution starts here on 8/8

Cortex Technologies Corporation (Cortex), the technology solutions division of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), one of the country’s most trusted and leading providers of air conditioners, launches its innovative smart home solution designed to make one’s home and way of living smarter.

For Cortex, its first entry to the market began in 2018 with the release of the first locally designed smart product – the Buddee Smartplug for air conditioners that allowed one to convert existing non-smart units to a convenient smart appliance using just a plug. That journey towards smarter homes became more relevant as consumers now spend more time with their family at home and are now looking for solutions that make their life simpler and give them peace of mind.

At 8:00am on 8/8, from smart sockets to home services, Cortex launches CNX for Home, an easy to use mobile application paired with smart products and services curated for the Filipino Home. This home solution allows consumers to get started on their journey to a smarter way of living; starting with home security, safety, health and lifestyle.

As life continues to be more fast paced, the everyday demands on your average home are presenting homeowners with new challenges; especially when most homes have both parents working, children, grandparents, and even pets to look after. Adding to all of that the burden of expensive electricity, appliances that need attention and repair, and home help becoming harder and harder to retain. It becomes easy to see the need for a digital smart home solution that can help ease some of those burdens and challenges. By making your home and appliances smarter, you can have the peace of mind that your home is being looked after even when you’re busy at work or out doing something else. CNX for Home will keep an eye on what matters, 24×7, wherever you are.

CNX for Home is your one-stop-shop for everything smart-home, all within one single mobile app and with hand-picked products integrated with the platform. We find that consumers who start putting smart products in their home quickly discover that they need 3 or 4 different mobile applications to use them. This is not only inconvenient but also makes centrally managing your home nearly impossible. It’s also a challenge to find good quality, easy-to-use, and reliable smart products, given the range of products that are in the market.

CNX for Home removes these challenges by putting all your smart products in one mobile app, and we take care of the integration for the different brands via our platform. We also take the time to curate products that meet our high-quality standards and test them to make sure they will be reliable here in the Philippines. We then integrate our platform with other local, real-world services that would help make life easier and add value to the smart products and solutions we offer – such as appliance installation and repair services, weather reports, health services, and food delivery. This allows CNX for Home to be a real partner in managing your home with the goal of making life easier and giving you peace of mind. 

We have a range of features coming out that will make CNX for Home even more smart and more interactive. These will allow you to engage with other aspects of your digital life, such as integrating with your calendar, giving you access to real world services like home repairs and security, and connecting with your other smart devices like FitBit and Apple Watch. We will also be introducing new smart products for the home and lifestyle categories of health, climate and environment, elderly care, and even pet care. We’re selecting products that make sense for the everyday Filipino and are suitable for the local lifestyle.

CNX for Home takes many steps to protect consumer safety and security, by ensuring that all it’s mobile platforms and products undergo stringent testing before release to the market. We partner with accredited and reputable partners, such as Amazon Web Services and Orvibo and make sure we follow best practices by working closely with government agencies such as the National Telecommunications Commission who check and validate all our products are certified for use in the Philippines. As our consumers treat our product as an extension and a part of their home, it becomes natural that we take the highest priority and scrutiny towards how we select and curate our applications, products and services. We want to provide the same sense of peace and security as one would in their home.

CNX for Home is an integral part of CIC’s strategy for building a closer relationship with their customers as they diversify their attention from simple appliances to lifestyle solutions. Leveraging digital technology is critical in gaining a deeper understanding of what the market needs and addressing them as they evolve. We now have smarter shopping, smarter food deliveries, and with CNX for HOME we will now have smarter homes. Treat your home with the upgrade it deserves! As the saying goes, it all begins at home. 

Download the app

Visit CNX for HOME’s website to learn more: www.cnxhome.ph, 8/8 at 8am! Follow us on www.facebook.com/cnx.ph and check out their Instagram @cnxforhome

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