With all the bronze watches cropping up lately, we can’t help but shine the spotlight on one of our favorites: Oris’ Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Edition. There’s also a stainless steel version of the Big Crown but I think Oris choosing to set in in bronze did wonders for its charm.  And I know, there are still those who are conflicted whether they love the metal or not. I personally think that if you’re the sentimental type who likes something to be truly unique to you, then bronze is something to consider. But let’s hold the argument of pro-patina or no-patina for another day while I try to convince you why we love the Big Crown Pointer Date in bronze.

Its color

Oris nailed the color palette on this one. With earthy tones to complement the bronze case, you won’t be able to stop staring at your wrist, guaranteed. If you’re really on the anti-patina side, go ahead and get the stainless steel ones but I maintain that the bronze really brings out its character.

(L) Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze (R) 80th anniversary edition

The regular bronze edition sports a monochromatic look with its caramel brown dial that when paired with the bronze, takes on a warm—almost like desert dunes on sunset—finish. It is paired to a hickory brown sustainable leather strap. On the other hand, the 80th anniversary edition’s dial is colored a striking matte hunter green which goes beautifully with the warm, burnished tones of the bronze casing. Other dial shade variations (some with a stainless steel case) includes a classic pitch black, a milky pistachio green, and a deep navy blue, among others.

Honestly, we can’t choose which one we like more.

Its personality

There is a very distinct vintage air to the Big Crown and it is made more so with the bronze casing. But much more than that, the indices are large and curved adding to its dated look. The hands come in an intricate cathedral-style coated in white super luminova. And lastly, the red crescent-tipped date indicator strikes off a clear contrast with the forest tones of the watch.

Its curves

While it is pretty straightforward as watches go, the Big Crown features handsomely curved lugs and fluted bezels. And of course, who can miss its oversized crown? Made for pilots, the watch sports a larger-than-usual crown to help pilots adjust their watches in gloved hands but for the modern non-aviator wearer, creates an eye-catching accent that’s an easy conversation starter.

The sizes here range from 36mm and 40mm but we love them both. Others may prefer a larger, chunkier style which can be found on the 80th Anniversary Edition while the older releases come in a smaller, more modest 36 mm.