Form factor9
Build quality9
Ease of use8
Performance 9
Value for money8
8.6Overall Score

Ever since OLED screens appeared in tech conventions, we have waited for their makers to bring to market eye-catching applications. Now, LG has led the pack with the stunning 55EA9800, the company’s first 55-inch curved OLED TV.

  • The novelty of the design might play a factor in calling the LG Curved OLED TV a sexy device. But you can’t deny how the 4.3mm thickness at the edges and subtle curves evoke the sexy curves of a woman.
  • The curve of the TV is meant to provide a comfortable and immersive viewing experience but the design element elicits a boastful quality to it. It’s like LG is saying, “We’re creating a curved OLED screen because we can.”
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics cover the back of the TV to match the look of the OLED screen. CFRP is known for strength and durability and for being lighter and thinner than aluminum. It adds polish and class to the back panel.
  • The 55EA9800 is supported by the Crystal Stand, a transparent plastic support that mirrors the outer angles of the TV and then juts in at the center. It accentuates the curves and creates the illusion of a floating screen.
  • The curve of the TV does not add or detract from the viewing experience. There isn’t a need for you to be looking for that sweet spot. You can sit dead center and not be affected by the curvature of the TV. You can sit to the side and still have great viewing angles.
  • The colors on the screen are rich, inviting, and life-like. This TV has amazing contrast. Blacks are pure black that you’d think the TV turns off when a scene dims. LG’s proprietary 4 Color Pixel might have contributed to enhancing color for the TV.
  • The Curved OLED TV has 3D to 2D and 2D to 3D conversion. But we’re still not fans of upconverting videos to 3D. There are improvements to 3D viewing experience though. But it’s still best to watch exceptional 3D movies such as Avatar to appreciate the feature.
  • Built-in audio needs a lot of work still. The two clear speakers placed at the base of the television produce sound that is a bit tinny. However, sound is generally clear enough that you hear whispers from the movies you watch or be shocked by loud noises. A good sound bar or home theater system can easily remedy this.
  • The Curved OLED packs in all LG can offer in terms of TV technology: voice control, dual-core processor, 8GB internal memory, built-in Wi-Fi, dual-play functionality, LAN port, USB ports, HDMI inputs, digital audio output, and headphone output, to name a few.
  • The Magic Motion remote seems a bit more responsive to the Curved OLED but we’re still partial to the standard remote. There still needs to be a remote with a QWERTY keyboard of sorts in order to use Smart TV apps properly.
  • When it comes to the Smart TV interface, there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of design and even content. Of course, you get YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter apps ready for use. We’re hoping as the TV technology evolves, the interface and content follows suit.

The verdict:

LG Curved OLED-2

The LG Curved OLED TV reminds you that you have to pay a pretty penny to get the best of the best in terms of technology and design.

Price: P499,990

Spec sheet:

Size & type: 55-inch Curved OLED

Resolution: 1920 x 1080p

Video processor: Dual-core

Video engine: Triple XD

Speaker system: Two 1-way base speakers and six 3-way speakers (40 watts output)

3D rype: FPR (Passive)

Technology: 4 Color Pixel, Dolby Digital Decoder, 3D to 2D/2D to 3D conversion, 3D image correction, Dual Play capable

3D depth & viewpoint control: 20 levels

LG Smart TV: Home Dashboard 3.0, LG Smart Share Plus, Premium Content, App Store, LG Cloud, Web Browser, 3D World, Skype ready, smartphone remote support

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA certified, Intel Wireless Display, MHL, NFC capable

I/O ports: 1 x RF In, 1 x AV In, 1 x Component Video In, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x Digital Audio Out, 1 x Headphone Out

Accessories: 1 x Magic Remote, 1 x Standard Remote, 4 x 3D glasses (two standard and two clip-on)

Dimensions: 48.31 x 31.44 x 7.56”, 17 kg weight