The SM Cinemas Mall of Asia today unveiled its freshly redesigned theaters. It now houses 16 theaters all in all comprising of 11 regular cinemas, 1 IMAX theatre, 3 Director’s Club theatres, and 1 event cinema.

Watch in style

I guarantee that you’ll find it hard to go back to the regular cinema seats after you’ve watched a movie in one of SM Cinema’s upgraded theaters.

The “regular” theaters all got an extra upgrade with comfortable Opus Glide semi-recliner spectator seats, a Standard 7.1 Surround Sound setup, and RGB Laser Projection System.

On the other hand, the 3 Director’s Club cinemas each have Verona full-recliner leather seats, equipped with a large advanced laser projection system, and contemporary Dolby Atmos system. There’s also an in-theater butler service who can get you snacks and drinks without even having to leave your seat. Talk about luxury!

“At SM, we always think of ways on how we can better serve our target market. With the introduction of the new and upgraded SM Cinema Mall of Asia, we further cement our unique position of being a household name by providing our customers with a premium movie experience they deserve,” shared Ruby Ann Reyes, SM Cinema Vice President for Marketing.