Currently, there are over 40 million Filipino smartphone users and with this number expected to grow further, OLX updates its app anew to deliver an even better experience for its growing community. The all-new OLX App boasts of new user-friendly features that make buying and selling fun, quick, and efficient.



Increase familiarity with fellow community members

The updated app has a required log-in feature to ensure that all buyers and sellers are registered. It’s a quick and easy process as all you’ll need is either your Facebook account or your mobile number.

One option is to use your mobile number where you can simply wait for a verification code to create your account.  The other option is to use your Facebook account, your profile picture is immediately synced to your OLX profile. Existing users that log in via mobile number can also sync their Facebook by simply going to “Settings” and tap “Facebook connect” to start the sync. This will help you to have a more complete profile page.

The improved profile page also eases any transaction by increasing familiarity among the OLX community. The profile page can show the user’s photo and name, registration date, verified accounts and ratings. You’ll be more familiar and comfortable with whom you’re transacting with. Assisting people in gauging trust-worthiness of all users is a mutual-rating system—both buyers and sellers can be rated after each transaction.  


Effectively browse ads near you

Looking for that perfect item can take hours especially when different categories are lumped together in your search results. Luckily, the new app has a content first home screen that immediately shows ads that are within your vicinity.

Who knows? The perfect deal you’ve been waiting for might just be a few meters away! This feature allows you to close a deal in an instant!

Selling made easier and faster

On the “sell” function, one of the features is its ready-access to your phone camera making it more convenient to snap an actual photo of the item you’re selling. 

The app also introduces a new sell form which contains a couple of nifty features. Upon posting your picture and title, the form generates the category of the item you wish to sell. If you are unsure about the price, the form also generates a price suggestion that is based on prices indicated in similar ads.  The form practically auto fills making selling a lot easier!


Meet Lexi, the helpful chatbot

Need help with all these features? Upon using the new app for the first time, Lexi the chatbot will help you navigate your way around the app.

With every “first” that you do—from log-in, chat, posting an ad, Lexi will guide you every step of the way. She will chat with you and provide  tips that can help make your buying and selling experience a lot easier.

What are you waiting for? Download the all-new OLX app to experience for yourself how fast and easy it is to use and start your journey to smooth transactions!