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Binalot celebrates the kindness of Filipinos during pandemic

This pandemic has dragged on to its second year and unfortunately, we do not see an end to it very soon. The Philippine economy has suffered its worst contraction in history. Of course, it is not just the Philippines but pretty much the rest of the world that is reeling from its negative impact. So many companies have closed down and those who stayed behind have contracted operations. Numerous jobs have been lost. But one good thing has emerged from this devastating crisis, this is the innate kindness of Filipinos. The community pantry is an example of this.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, there have been many efforts by Filipinos from all walks of life to help out their fellowmen. This has recently become even more apparent with the introduction of community pantries in many parts of the country. This most recent charitable effort emphasizes that people may give what they can and take only what they need.

For its part, Binalot has mobilized its own effort since the start of the pandemic by launching its BAYANI program. This program accepts donations from people who want to help and use these to send food to medical frontliners who are the most exposed to the virus.

Cristina Martinez, Binalot’s Marketing Manager says that this way, Binalot celebrates the Filipino Bayanihan spirit. “We wish to highlight the ordinary people who have contributed to feed and support the frontliners, people like husband and wife corporate executives Brian and Judy Medina, and even culinary instructor Chef Alvin Magpantay. Even Filipinos who live abroad chipped in such as IT executive Edwin Mance who sent his assistance all the way from Munich, Germany, Jayjay Veloso from Canada  and pharma executive Jay Garcia with wife Michelle who’s a registered nurse based in San Mateo, California. At the local front, Japanese automotive executive Susumu Myokan went out of his way to contribute and support. The list goes on and on”.

She adds that well-meaning corporations such as Nissan Philippines and the Lucio Tan Group of Companies, and organizations like Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines and Viccoap have supported it.

“We just wish to celebrate the kindness and generosity of the Filipinos and our tendency to help each other during conflict and crisis. And now that there is finally what we hope to be an end in sight for this pandemic with the steady arrival of Covid 19 vaccines, Binalot is now targeting to send food to the vaccination center volunteers to help speed up the end of the pandemic. In this, we need your help”. 

You may also help out and support the medical frontliners, just contact Binalot today at ilovebinalot@gmail.com or call Vida at 09328761352

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