Yesterday, AF Payments Inc., the company behind the beep card, took a next step into QR code transport ticketing. The first in the Philippines, it hopes to modernize and streamline the transportation system in the country. Removing the need for manual checking, the QR code ticket is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information that can be read rapidly by a QR reader, allowing quick passenger validation and entry into the paid or boarding areas.

“This is a new era in transport ticketing. It’s a smart solution where both operators and commuters enjoy the efficiency and ease of use associated with QR technology. We are grateful to our partners for supporting the initiative and hope to replicate the same elsewhere in the Philippines, “ said Joey Lim, Chairman of the Board of AF Payments Inc.

Additionally, in partnership with Gcash, users can also now pay and generate the QR code directly on their mobile application. This will currently be implemented in the Metro Manila-based BGC Bus and Cebu-based Topline Express Ferries.

With around 6.5 million beep cards in the market and over 20 million GCash account holders nationwide, this initiative is expected to benefit a sizable portion of e-wallet customers in the Philippines. Passengers can now enjoy more options to pay and get tickets for their daily commute.

“We believe that QR ticketing and payments will improve not only the speed of boarding but also offer our riders more options for payment.  We are happy to be the first bus company in Metro Manila to have this new system.” said Jun Galvez, General Manager of Bonifacio Transport Corporation.

“We are very excited to be the pioneer marine transportation partner in Cebu. Topline believes in enhancing the commute experience. Passenger safety and convenience are a priority to us, so this is a much needed development that will greatly benefit the riding public,” said Eugene Erik Lim, President/CEO of Topline Express Ferries

AF Payments Inc. is planning to roll out QR ticketing to other partner buses in Metro Manila in the coming months. QR tickets are easy to use and reduce implementation and integration cost for public transport operators. The rich data conveyed through QR code tickets helps operators to accurately and timely record transactions. With its speed and ease of use, commuters also stand to benefit from this technology.

AF Payments Inc. President, Rene Almedras, also expressed his hope to accelerate the growth of QR ticketing and modernizing transportation in the country. He opened an invitation other players in the market such as transport operators, payments companies, and developers to partner with the company. AF Payments Inc is making the QR Ticketing Standard available on [] for interested parties to study the technology and to participate in its further development.