That one more thing from ASUS’s press event at Computex 2018 this morning is a concept laptop that’s gotten members of the press and other special guests excited. Called Project Precog, it’s a dual-screened laptop that reminded us a bit of the Lenovo Yoga book because of the no physical keyboard format.

ASUS is throwing on here is the hot buzzword “artificial intelligence.” The AI in this machine can in theory do things like optimize battery charging depending on what time of day it is or make suggests when editing an Excel file.

Working with Intel and its AI for PC Developer Program, Project Precog shows us what PC makers can do with its tech and resources Intel has provided to help build smarter computers. Project Precog makes use of Intel’s Movidius visual processing unit, allowing it to do things like follow where your hands are at all times it’s on the display.

And since it’s a convertible machine, it can be used in a variety of modes including the traditional laptop with the bottom screen serving as the keyboard; in tent formation; folded as a tablet; or laid down completely flat on a surface to do things like play games with someone else. But we also saw an application of having an external keyboard connected to it, turning the device into a dual monitor setup.

It isn’t just going to be a concept device though. ASUS has said they plan to release the device sometime next year. It might not come in this same form factor (which also has the same polished metal look of the company’s other) but we’re excited to see what else it could offer in the coming year.

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