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Art in Motion: 6 Best-looking cars from the last 6 years

A work of art is a creation of many wonders. While some forms of art communicate an idea or belief, others elicit an emotional response that leave its viewers captivated. The same is true for automobiles. While these mechanical wonders are primarily created for transportation, automobiles undergo a process similar to how an art piece is made.  Automobiles start as drawings before they are made into clay models and eventually sculptures of steel. The end result is a work of beauty and the realization of a designer’s vision and imagination, which we experience and enjoy on the road.

Here are six of the best-looking vehicles in the metro from the last six years, which, to this writer’s opinion, are works of art (in no particular order)

1. Ford Mustang Convertible

The Mustang is nothing short of astounding and has much to offer than meets the eye.

Backed by a heritage that spans more than 50 years, it is a marvel of design evolution and engineering dynamics that has rightfully earned its status as a true iconic muscle car. From the roar of its powerful engine to its muscular and aggressive stance, the Mustang draws your attention and invites you to experience it yourself.

Ford Philippines has given us another reason to strap in and experience all that the Mustang has to offer with the new Convertible variant. The Convertible impresses with its new design, enhanced powerful performance, a host of innovative technologies for the track, and a range of customizable options for a more personalized driving experience.

2. Ford Territory

The newest vehicle in this list, the Ford Territory boasts of an urban-ready design that easily stands out on the road. This latest crossover SUV follows Ford’s highest global design and quality standards, which are evident in the exterior and interior of the Territory as with other Ford SUVs. Sculpted lines give the Territory a sleek and stylish look while the elegantly designed Ford grille, daytime running headlamps, and LED taillights with chrome accents give the Territory a premium feel.

With its functional design, safety technologies, infotainment features and great introductory price, the Ford Territory is not just a looker but clearly a game changer in its segment.

3. Mazda 6 Sedan

One look at the new Mazda 6 and you’ll agree that this four-door premium sedan is a sight to behold. The upgraded look of the new Mazda 6 carries design cues from the previous model and introduces enhancements that make this sedan a portrait of beautiful engineering. The new front fascia, which includes the grille and fog lamps integrated within the new LED headlight design, help to create a look of depth that adds definition to its sleek and low profile. The body’s curves and slopes add to its sensual appeal and also aid in aerodynamic flow.

Inside, the Mazda 6 Sedan continues to elevate the driving experience with its finely crafted interiors. Featuring a redesigned cabin that exemplifies simplicity and efficiency, the plush living space inside the new Mazda 6 makes for a compelling reason to stay behind the wheel.         

4. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The brand draws admiration and practically every vehicle from the German brand is a head turner by itself, but nothing comes close to the stately elegance of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 

Regarded as the benchmark in its segment, the S-Class speaks of modern luxury and embodies the highest standards of mobility in an executive sedan. The three-pointed star on the hood is an absolute guarantee of the exceptional quality, prestige and heritage of a Mercedes-Benz. On the exterior, the sensuous flowing silhouette and progressive design excite the senses. Inside, modern luxury is manifested in the finest quality of materials and workmanship – all designed and crafted with true German precision. Confident, supremely assured, and business-like, the executive sedan cements its position as the true king in its class.

5. MINI John Cooper Works Countryman

The 2020 MINI John Cooper Works (JCW) Countryman is so artfully designed that it makes you happy and giddy just by looking at it. From the exterior to the interior, the JCW Countryman integrates nostalgia with the modern, making it a delightful compact vehicle in the premium sports segment. The new JCW Countryman’s bright red outlines around its grille, hood, and roof add to its sporty appeal, while the stylish and surprisingly spacious interior, alongside its quirky details and innovative use of materials in the cabin, round off to complete its spunky persona. 

6. Toyota Super Grandia Elite

Toyota has redefined the van segment with the Super Grandia Elite. This upgraded Grandia breathes new life to the usual mold of chunky vans with a new look that clearly sets it apart from other brands.

Every design detail is well-thought-out, from the grille to the taillights, to give this van a more unified look and presence on the road. Its sleek, refined lines and polished exterior immediately tell you this van is not your everyday people mover. And it doesn’t disappoint when you step inside. Captain’s chairs, abundant space and a host of other conveniences deliver on Toyota’s promise of uncompromising comfort for both the driver and its passengers. Without a doubt, the Super Grandia Elite is the harmony and form and function — a true work of art.


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