As AOC once again finds itself at the top as the leading monitor brand, we chat with AOC’s Sales Manager Noemi Palo as she discusses the company’s success, the Philippine market, and what’s next with AOC.

Being at the top is just as rewarding as it is motivating, and Palo knows this best. The recent report from global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) states AOC under the Multi Media Display (MMD) group maintains its dominance in Philippine market as the leading monitor brand for the fourth quarter of 2017.

“Being number one is a confirmation that we are doing good and working very hard; as much that it is a reminder for us to always continue being the best and stay at number 1,” said Palo.

AOC established a strong foundation in its market at the start of 2017 and it was continuously sustained as the second quarter ended, with the market share percentage in favor of AOC. During the third quarter of 2017, its total market share peaked up to 21.96 percent and stayed strong up to the end of the fourth quarter. AOC maintained its market leadership and closed the year strong. The data analysis of the whole year showed that AOC sold hundreds of thousands of units throughout 2017.

However, such significant achievements could sometimes be undermined by common misconceptions regarding the industry, and Palo sets the record straight on these.

“The most common misconception I have heard of is that the monitor business is a dying business—a sundown,” she said. “People think it is now a mobile world but this is not true to all sectors and applications (CAD, graphics, and gaming). For as long as people use computers, we need the monitors.”

Aside from that, other false beliefs render monitors obsolete.

“Another misconception is that monitor features do not play a role in corporate and government bids or projects. From how I see it, they do matter. Viewing size, resolution, speed, and connectivity? They do matter,” said Palo. “Last is that the small sizes like the 15.6” no longer have a market. Although our market has started to shift to the bigger sizes, there is still a big market for the 15.6” and 18.5” users.”

Regardless, AOC continue to debunk such ideas through continuously thriving in the industry. But how do they do it? First things first, they adapt.

“You need to be vigilant and adaptive to the changes—like in terms of the technical requirements in the monitor market. For instance, on the connectivity options, most people now are using more of the HDMI port, not just the VGA port,” said Palo.

Second, is to have a keen eye for details. “You also need to be attentive to some details, like the buying behavior of your customers so you provide and bring in the right quantity and type of products at a given period,” said Palo.

Carrying with them their success and motivation, AOC looks out at the Philippine market with positive points of view.

“The Philippine market is still a very good market for the monitor product category,” said Palo. “There is still a strong demand for both the private and government sectors for the brands that we carry.”

With that in mind, the company also aims to consistently succeed and stay driven by its achievements.

“AOC will continue its drive to be known and improve its share in the big size and gaming categories, without sacrificing or dropping our mark in the small sizes where we have been known since we started,” said Palo. “The market will be wowed with AOC’s incoming new models with up to date and best features.”

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