Having grown up with the Internet’s glorious existence at their disposal, Generation Z has pretty much made ‘trendy’ a critical part of their identity. When all the world’s information is at their quite literal fingertips, it’s pretty hard not to know what’s hot and what’s not — especially when they’re toting something like the Huawei nova 5T.

The nova 5T packs a lot of serious tech underneath its sleek and slender frame, but it won’t be the spec sheet that’s going to catch the kids’ eyes: it’s that fetching shade of Midsummer Purple first and foremost.

There’s a reason fanny packs and neon windbreakers are coming back real hard, and it’s because of the 90s aesthetic movement that’s all about standing out. After all, nothing stands out more than saturated hues; black is eternal, sure, but it’s too safe and low-key especially for Gen Z. Nothing shouts 90s more than stark shades of orange, green and purple (see: sneakers and athleisure wear).

The Huawei nova 5T isn’t a piece of 90s tech for sure, but it evokes plenty of that era’s chic aesthetic — bold, daring, and creative. Sporting the Midsummer Purple gradient announces one’s choice to fearlessly express their cultural taste, be it fashion, music, movies, and anything in between. Much like having Post Malone or HAIM blasting from their earbuds, or opting for oat milk in their afternoon latte’, Midsummer Purple is a statement of keeping one foot planted in the mainstream and the other foot on the experimental.

Patterns of Design Ingenuity

It’s quite the remarkable feat how Huawei managed to incorporate such a striking aesthetic for the nova 5T: using a meticulous application of double-layered film and nano-diffraction technology, every color printed onto the phone’s frame creates a unique effect when the light hits it. The result is a subtle, yet gorgeous transition of hues with every little tilt of the device.

When every other smartphone settled for bland, plastic color textures (or worse, monochrome color options), Huawei defied expectations and produced a truly ambitious and creative design trend with its nano-textured color gradients, and inspired other smartphone manufacturers to employ similar techniques in their products.

On top of the stylish color gradient, the nova 5T exhibits a monogram pattern of its name under a multi-layered holographic design. The monogram heralds the refreshed Nova brand, a signature imprint that separates the device from all others. If there’s one company that’s made fashionable tech their brand, it’s Huawei. As the flagship for youthful and diversified lifestyle choices, the nova 5T in Midsummer Purple embodies all the amazing potential of Generation Z just waiting to be unleashed — while being dressed for the occasion, no less.