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A handy pouch that also disinfects your gadgets – The MiLi PhonePure

Covid-19 has changed the way we go about our lives completely, from wearing face coverings to personal hygiene with what we touch whenever we are outside. To help with this “new normal,” MiLi has manufactured a new portable UV-C sterilizer that is meant to disinfect all of your daily belongings while you are on the go. 

This sterilizer is called the MiLi PhonePure, and it certainly lives up to its name as it conveniently ‘purifies’ and disinfects your essentials that are frequently handled during a typical day. Recent studies have found that smartphones gather 10-18 times more bacteria than the common toilet. As a result, the PhonePure was made to sterilize your phones and it can be used for anything that can fit inside it, such as money, car and house keys, credit cards, eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, and so on. It measures 6.9-inch so it can fit even the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The PhonePure comes only in gray and black, which I prefer. It’s built with an oxford material and has two pockets on its sides where you can put your power bank in, allowing you to have all your handheld devices in one tidy package.The pouch itself is made of high-quality materials and stitching. The hand strap is designed for strength and comfort so you don’t have to worry that it won’t break if ever you fill your pouch with a lot of things.

The MiLi PhonePure works simply – just plug in the pouch to a USB power source such as a charger head, power bank, laptop, or car charger. When plugged in, unzip the pouch, fit in any items that you can, and zip it closed. A beeping sound will notify you if the pouch is correctly zipped and then it will begin the sterilization process automatically. It will beep again to remind you when the process is finished. If for any reason the magnetic zipper becomes undone, or if you need to get your phone all of a sudden, the PhonePure has a built-in safety feature that deactivates the process once opened to avoid exposure of the UV light to the user. 

To further understand the tech in detail, the PhonePure contains 8 primary radiation points with a reflective PEVA lining that maximizes disinfection within 360-degrees. Using UV-C technology with a wavelength range of up to 265-280nm, the MiLi PhonePure kills bacteria and viruses at the DNA and RNA level. The whole process takes 5 minutes to complete. 

The PhonePure is meant to sterilize by killing bacteria and viruses. It will not remove the dust particles from your phone or any object that you put in. I suggest you wipe off any loose dirt on your things before putting it in the pouch. If ever your pouch gets dirty, do not wash it. Use only wet wipes and don’t soak it with alcohol or liquids.

There are also quite a number of misconceptions and fears about UV disinfecting technology like it can “fry” us or burn our skin, damage batteries, is high-maintenance or is really expensive. However, the only risk UV light entails is skin damage when during direct exposure. That is where the safety feature of MiLi matters the most. Even the slightest unzip would deactivate the disinfecting process. On top of that, it’s cost-effective

That is why you can even keep multiple PhonePure in common places such as your car, office, and handbag because it’s really light and easy on the pocket at P850. It also includes 1 Year Warranty. The new MiLi PhonePure is available now at the official MiLi flagship store on Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph/shop/mili) and at The Hygienist Store (www.lazada.com/shop/thehygieniststore).” To learn more, follow the official MiLi social pages on Facebook (facebook.com/MiLiPhilippines) and Instagram (@miliphil).

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