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6 Things a Plantito/Plantita Should Know

1. As clichè as this sounds, patience is key.

Being a plantito/plantita requires consistency and patience. There will be times that your plant will demand so much and it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows for your high-maintenance, finicky plants. You must stay committed and willing to give them the time of day to attend to their needs. It’s a challenge but one that is worth taking.

2. Treat them like your babies.

With great power comes great responsibility. Just like a human child, you need to provide for and take good care of plants in order for them to grow healthy and beautiful. These include giving them enough sunlight, watering, and feeding. Proper care is not one-size fits all — some plants need more care than others. Knowing the differences will go a long way. Nonetheless, you still need to give them lots of love and attention. 

3. Try to really get to know them.                                                 

I cannot stress how important this is since the differences in the needs of each plant can be astounding. Therefore, ways of cultivating them should also be individualized. You can do your own research since everything is readily available online. On top of that, follow plant-related social media accounts or watch YouTube videos for additional tips. They are quite entertaining yet very informative. 

4. It’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s more than just aesthetics.               

Plants make for a real head-turner. People will admire how your plants look in your home — from rare ones to the ones with vibrant and large foliage, but we all know that what’s behind that visually attractive and pleasant sight is a green thumb that has put in the (dirty) work to help them appear the way they do. Yes, that’s right, you must be willing to get your hands dirty! 

5. Quality over quantity.                     

Before expanding your plant collection, you have to be certain that each and every plant is being well taken care of. Most importantly, you should consider whether you are capable of allotting time for them and incorporating them in your busy schedules. Proceed with caution before ticking off another plant in your wishlist. I know the feeling is amazing watching your collection grow, but you wouldn’t want to end up neglecting and forgetting one of your plant babies! BUT if you have what it takes and you’re up for the challenge, by all means, go for it! 

6. Just enjoy, appreciate and bask in the ambiance of your growing plant babies.                                              

Studies show that indoor plants have numerous benefits: from improving air quality in your homes to improving your mental health. Isn’t that a big win given that your role is solely to nurture and sustain them? Provide for their needs and they will return the favor a hundred-fold. Not only is it a breath of fresh air having them around and being surrounded by them, watching your hard work pay off as they grow is just satisfying and therapeutic. Not to mention, you get that proud plant parent feeling as you flex them when you post that mandatory Instagram photo. 

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Mica de los Reyes
Mica de los Reyes
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