Consumers and gamers alike are in for a treat as AOC recently introduced their new selection of monitors that are packed with high refresh rate and HDR-certified panels. Equipped with AMD Freesync 2 technology, gamers have an improved visual experience while playing their games in the maximum frames per second that their gaming PC can deliver.

AOC G2590PX and G2790PX

Available in both 25-inch and 27-inch variants, these two monitors’ TN panel has thin bezels, a 1ms response-time, and 144Hz refresh-rate powered by AMD Freesync technology for fluid and artifact-free performance virtually at any framerate.

These also feature low input lag control which significantly decreases delay between the video source and display. These have a height adjustment stand which not only allows gamers to adjust the height of the monitor to their personal preference, but it also swivels for better viewing at different angles.

AOC G1 series (C24G1 and C27G1)

The AOC G1 series is equipped with a VA panel that features 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Sporting a 1.5mm ultra narrow bezel with a 5mm black screen border makes it apt for a multi-monitor gaming setup.

AOC B1 series (22B1HS and C24B1H)

Available in both flat and curved screens, the B1 series bring affordability on the table without compromise on looks and features. In its comfortable and super slim form factor, the B1 series has 21.5-inch and 24-inch panels and is packed with features.

The Screen+ software splits the PC workspace in four self-contained panes to group applications for easier viewing. Screen+ also supports multiple monitors. The B1 also boasts of being flicker-free, which reduces eyes strain and discomfort. And to top it all, the included software also enables the user to set a low power configuration to save on energy.

These new AOC monitors are now available in partner retail store branches nationwide.

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