Prepare for your productivity to go down the drain a bit as the latest version of Chrome for desktop has picture-in-picture mode on as default—that is, if the site supports it (YouTube does, fyi).

At this point, we’re assuming you know what picture-in-picture mode does. It keeps the videos you’re watching in a floating window that’ll follow you around as you browse the web or open another program. There are a few conditions, though. The developers need to support this feature; you also need to keep the original tab open; and you have to make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Chrome.

For the last condition, tap on the three dots on the right side of your browser and scroll down to Help > About Chrome. You’ll see from there your browser’s version and it’ll update automatically to Version 70. You just need to restart your browser when you’re done to get access to the feature.

Once you’ve updated your browser, just head over to sites like YouTube (we’ve also seen it work on the Fox+ site). When you start playing a video, simply right click twice on the video to get the Chrome dropdown menu. You’ll see the Picture in Picture option from there and you’re good to go. The floating window is resizable, so you can adjust it depending on how big or little you want it to be.

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