The new Samsung Galaxy A7 is the brand’s first triple camera smartphone, boasting ultra-wide angle shot capabilities, Live Focus, and Low Light mode that help you capture more.

From the first look, the Galaxy A7 doesn’t really get much attention. Nonetheless, the three cameras mounted at the back surely catches the eye. As for its feel in hand, its size feels just right (159.8 x 76.8 x 7.5mm) and very well complemented by its not-so-overbearing weight of 168g.

The Galaxy A7 carries a 6.0-inch FullHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display. The glass design and curves of the phone’s body make it easy to hold. However, fingerprints easily leave their marks so make sure to wipe your phone from time to time to maintain the glossy finish. One of the things I truly found convenient about the phone is that its power button situated at the right side also serves as the phone’s fingerprint sensor—making unlocking easier and quicker.

The 120-degree Ultra Wide Lens is one of the phone’s main features, and it truly delivers. With this, you’ll be able to get the most out of your surroundings, and give justice to any beautiful view you’d want to capture.

In low light settings, the camera still churns out well-lit and high-quality photos, as it is equipped with 24-megapixel lens with f/1.7 aperture.

The camera also features a scene optimization mode which recognizes your photo’s would-be subject and optimizes it, accordingly. Colors of the food and flowers were emphasized, as they were recognized by the camera. There is also the Live Focus feature, through which the 5-megapixel lens are used to capture images. It adjusts your focus as you compose your shot and have the subjects pop through the blurring of the background. The bokeh effect appears to be precise as the subject indeed pops up and its edges do not get blurred with the background as much.

Photo taken with Live Focus mode

Pre-order the Galaxy A7 on or before October 26, 2018 in Samsung Experience Stores and enjoy exclusive freebies worth up to P6,000. The Galaxy A7 will be available in the Philippines starting October 27 for P17,990. For more pre-order details, visit this page.

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