Aiming to introduce the latest printing business solutions, Fujifilm Philippines (FFPH) in partnership with YKL Color Inc. (FFPH’s main distributor of photographic equipment and consumables) launched the Go Green 2018 with the launch of the new compact inkjet printer Frontier DE100 at Chardonnay by Astoria.

Ryan Tan, regional technical engineer of Fujifilm Asia Pacific, officially announced and demonstrated the new DE100. With its compact and lightweight build and high-speed processing, DE100 is a high-quality printer designed to elevate your photo-printing business. It allows shops to build a diverse range of print systems in accordance with the lineup of their print services, available space, and their budget. DE100 achieves high quality prints through a combination of newly developed ink and a high-resolution inkjet head. More importantly, its unique feature allows users to consume less electricity up to 6o percent.

During the event, President Tomoyuki Fukura of Fujfilm Philippines also talked about Fujifilm’s current market situation in the local photo imaging industry, while Vincent Morales, general manager of YKL Color Inc., discussed the “Retail Revolution,” emphasizing the need to innovate and be more creative by offering a wider range of products and services that would activate the interest of the young generation. These were presented to different media, business partners, dealers, and photo business owners in attendance.

Fujifilm provides in-store photo print services for photos taken by smartphones and digital cameras. The service is driven by the digital minilab “Frontier.” In addition to the silver halide photo system, Fujifilm developed a digital minilab for the inkjet system in 2008 and launched the high quality compact printer “Frontier-S” in September 2013 to expand their product lineup.

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