The right app makes your life easy. Apps can store stuff for you: remind you appointments and events, count your calories, provide you (almost) limitless entertainment, be your pocket library, help you navigate your city, and many more.

Traveling is no exception as there are apps specifically made for travelers abound. We gathered some of the most useful apps available for people with itchy feet and a penchant for stretching their peso. We’ve included apps to save on accommodation, currency exchange, food, transportation, and language.

We’ve chosen those you can get for free, available for both Android and iOS, can help save both money and time (because time is money, and making money takes time!), and can work whether you’re online or offline (because internet is life and we need to save on mobile data).

Transit apps


Kayak is an oldie but goodie that keeps on getting better. It sifts through hundreds of travel sites to give you affordable flights. Worried about hidden fees and other surprise charges? Kayak’s got your back on those, too. A bonus: Kayak also sifts through the cheapest hotels and rental cars. Now that’s travel management. Get it here.


New and unfamiliar places can be a challenge. But you can easily turn that challenge into an adventure with Rome2Rio. Just type in your origin and destination (yes, even a remote one!) and the app will give you a list of various modes of transportation, from flights to trains to buses, and even ferries. Rome2Rio also gives you an idea of how long (or short) your travel time is, plus the fare you’re likely to shell out. It also allows you to view previous searches offline, so you’re bound to save on mobile data. Get it here.


Traveling solo can be liberating and fun, but it can also be expensive. If you’re craving the freedom of solo travel on a limited budget, try SoloTraveller, which connects solo travelers and backpackers according to age, gender, and interests. Since the pairing is real time, you can easily find other solo travelers to befriend, and (let’s be practical here) split taxi fare, tour fees, and other expenses with. The app is also great for female travelers who seek safe travel experiences. Get it here.


If you’re traveling somewhere highly urbanized, then CityMapper is a nifty app to download. Of course, it will get you from point A to B. But aside from providing train, bus, bike, taxi, and walking options, the app also integrates with Uber. If you run out of mobile data, there are also offline maps for subway and bus routes, so this app has got you covered. Get it here.


Pack well


If you’re too tired, lazy, or if you’re simply in a hurry to pack, download Packpoint and you’ll get half the job done. By simply inputting your travel destination, travel dates, and length of stay, type of trip, and information about your possible activities, this app smartly generates a packing list for you. If you are not quite satisfied with the packing list you see, you can tweak the packing list to your satisfaction. Get it here.

Expense-tracking apps


A travel-specific app like TrabeePocket is a smart way of handling your money. You can monitor your travel expenses in cash or credit, and in whatever currency. At the end of your vacation, you can conveniently generate a travel expense report. Get it here.

Units Plus Converter

Units Plus Converter provides currency exchange rates in virtually all world currencies at a speedy rate of every 15 minutes. Note that this is only when the app is open. But the app consumes only 1-2kb of data, so it’s economical. The app also converts area, fuel mileage, length, temperature, time, weight, and many more.

Get it here: App Store for iOS devices & Google Play for Android devices

Chow app


You can get a taste of authentic local cuisine prepared by locals with Eatwith—be it a simple homecooked meal at a local’s house, a cooking class, or a rooftop dinner party. The app allows you to chat with the host so you can inquire freely, and there’s a range of prices that suits every budget. Hosts are usually friendly and eager to share not only their food but their culture, as well. Get it here.

Language app


Your travel can be more stress-free if you know a bit of the language of your travel destination. Bravolol is a handy phrasebook that teaches you the basics. Look up unfamiliar words in the app’s built-in dictionary. Some of the languages include Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, Arabic, and Hindi, to name a few. No internet connection is required! Get it here.

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