As part of their “We Are Mio” campaign, Yamaha  unveiled the new Mio Aerox S 155cc which features everything on the regular Aerox—including Stop and Start Technology, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and Smart Keyless Ignition.

Ryan Jude Camus, Yamaha’s senior marketing manager, explained that the Stop and Start System will not affect the battery’s life of this innovative scooters due to its fail-proof technology. The new Mio Aerox S retails for P122,900 and comes in two colors: Matte Blue and White.

Yamaha has announced that they will be releasing a limited number of units on their new Mio Aerox S 155cc. Payment and claims will be held at Yamaha’s event on September 29-30 at 10th Avenue in Caloocan City.

During the event, Yamaha also introduced their automatic underbone bikes Mio I 125S and Mio Soul I 125S.

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