If you’d rather not turn on roaming on your local SIM when you travel or rent a pocket Wi-Fi when you get there, then Cherry Mobile’s newly launched CherryRoam is perfect for you. It is a new travel Wi-Fi device that offers competitive rates for Filipino travelers.

CherryRoam offers up to 4G LTE connectivity in over 100+ countries around the world using GlocalMe’s CloudSIM technology, which is a SIM-less solution that lets you seamlessly and automatically connect to any partner network.

If you’re a frequent traveler, Cherry Mobile is selling the unit for P6,990 now at select Travel Club outlets and Cherry Mobile concept stores. It’s also possible to rent the device through CherryRoam’s site or later on through Klook and buy the data package you will need. You can decide whether to have the unit delivered to you or picked up at accredited hubs, like Travel Club outlets. These are the standard rates that Cherry is offering:

Cherry Mobile is offering promos for those who visit a number of Asian countries. Those who have plans to go to Japan, Korea, or China can get data starting at 1GB for three days at P250. Meanwhile, those planning to visit Hong Kong and Macau can get the same plan for P300. There are also unlimited day passes that allow for 1GB of high-speed data and unlimited browsing data for P500 (global rate) or P350 (rate for Asian countries).

How will you be able to purchase these? If you own the CherryRoam, you can either buy the data packages or get roaming credits via the CherryRoam app (which is available for Android and iOS). Roaming credits can be used to purchase the promo you need or be used for future travels. The credits will not expire. If you’re renting the unit, you’ll already be including the data package you need once you rent it out.

If you run out of data while still on a trip, renters can head to the website to purchase a new package. Meanwhile, those who own the pocket Wi-Fi can reload through the CherryRoam app.

CherryRoam makes it easier to check how much data you still have since its 4-inch touchscreen display can show this information. You can connect up to five devices to CherryRoam. It is powered by a 5,350mAh battery, which promises up to 15 hours of use. The device can even serve as a power bank if you need to juice up your phone while you’re sightseeing. When you’re staying local, the device itself can be used as a regular hotspot device, too. Just insert your SIM in one of CherryRoam’s dual-SIM slots.

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