Oakley is diving deeper into cycling with the launch of the Oakley Cycling Collection, which includes the Oakley ARO Series Cycling Helmets and Oakley Jawbreaker Cycling Kits. Through optimal integration, protection, ventilation, and fit, the all-new helmets, and kits are designed to optimize rider interaction with the world around them—allowing athletes to focus on the activity and not the conditions.

The Oakley ARO Series is a dynamic range of best-in-class premium road racing helmets specializing in seamless optics integration, optimal fit, aero performance, and thermoregulation—delivering iconic design with performance and safety benefits.

Oakley ARO7

Engineered for speed, Oakley ARO7 is the helmet of choice for time trials and triathlons. Oakley ARO7 is inspired by the shape of racecars, hence it’s designed to maximize aerodynamics without the added drag. The magnetic shield attachment system provides seamless optics integration with the two inclusive Oakley shields, Prizm Road and Clear. Oakley ARO7 also comes with a custom storage case.

Oakley ARO5

Tuned for speed and ready for heart-pounding sprint finishes, Oakley ARO5 Road Helmet is an aerodynamic and comfortably lightweight design equipped with a 360-degree fit system featuring BOA, MIPS Brain Protection, and a Vane support structure to direct air flow into the helmet.

Oakley ARO3

Oakley ARO3 Vented Road Helmet is built with optimized ventilation to help keep athletes cool, including a 360-degree fit system featuring BOA and a MIPS Brain Protection system, making it the perfect gear for unforgiving climbs and blistering heat.

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