As Grab braces for the December holiday rush, the TNVS company is in ongoing discussions with LTFRB to increase the supply of available units serving more customers. 

“The #EndTheWait campaign was launched to explain that the supply crisis in TNVS is a bigger industry problem affecting our daily lives, one that only our regulators can address and solve,” said in their recent statement.

Recently, LTFRB opened 10,000 additional slots for TNVS applications, which were then quickly filled up by TNVS drivers and peers.

“We hope that the LTFRB can expedite the processing so that the new units can start supporting the increasing demand as we approach the Christmas and rainy season,” added Grab.

Right now, Grab and other Transport Network Companies are still discussing with LTFRB for the latter to add/replace inactive units after the 10,000 slots.

“[We have] earlier proposed to increase the supply cap to 80,000 to have an equivalent of 65,000 daily active units,” said Grab.

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