Maxxis introduces four new tires built to meet the Filipino driver’s needs—the Premitra HP5, Mecotra ME3, Bravo HPM3, and the RAZR MT772.

Founded in 1967, Maxxis has been delivering high-quality tires to customers in over 170 countries. Noted for its innovative tire technology, Maxxis is one of the few manufacturers that have consistently passed the stringent European (ECE/E4), North American (DOT), Japanese (JATMA), and Chinese (CCC) standards.

To ensure that every tire performs to worldwide standards, all Maxxis tires are tested not only in its own quality assurance facilities but at world-leading tire test centers as well. Input from its roster of champion riders and drivers are also taken into consideration so that Maxxis products are assured to perform in real-world driving environments and meet each regional standards and usage conditions.

Maxxis, a global brand based in Taiwan, continues to create new ranges and introduces new technologies that cater to the very specific needs of every driver. From passenger car tires that offer greater control through patented silica tread compounding for better wet and dry performance, and nano science technology with optimal bead design that absorbs impact for better rolling resistance; to SUV tires that feature 3D tread pattern, high tensile plies for stability and durability, sidewall design, and patented Armor 3-ply casing.

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