Huawei has a lot to celebrate right now. Locally, it recently sold P320-million worth of the Nova 3i and now data from IDC and Canalys show the tech company surpassing Apple in terms of global smartphone shipment. Huawei has taken second place when it comes to the number of smartphones shipped worldwide. It has shipped over 54 million handsets for Q2 2018 compared to the 41.3 million that Apple has shipped. Samsung is number one with 71.5 million units shipped in the same period. According to IDC’s press release, “The arrival of Huawei in the second position marks the first quarter since 2Q10 where Apple has not been the number one or two smartphone company in terms of market share.”

According to IDC’s figures, Samsung has gotten 20.9 percent market share, Huawei has 15.8 (which is also a new record for the brand), and Apple has 12.1 percent. Rounding out the top five are two other Chinese companies: Xiaomi and OPPO. What can pose a threat to Huawei’s position is the upcoming release of Apple’s new iPhones. We say this in plural as the company is rumored to be releasing three different models.

For now, though, Huawei has other achievements to celebrate. It has also achieved a 41 percent increase in shipments year over year. A big chunk of this is driven by Huawei’s sub-brand Honor. According to IDC, it’s been “a key driver of growth” for Huawei. Canalys reported that Honor phones “accounted for two thirds of the near 16 million jump that Huawei made this quarter” with nearly four million Honor devices shipped outside of China.

For Huawei itself, the company has done well with the launch of its premium P20 and P20 Pro devices. These handsets are to draw “strong demand” throughout the quarter.

Source: The Verge

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