Disney promised a panel full of surprises at the first-ever Hall D at AsiaPop Comicon and with the whole bunch of announcements about upcoming shows and movies, we certainly got that and more. But at the same time, we got a bit of Pinoy flair injected into the panel with the presence of renowned Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

What does he have to do with Disney? Well, he’s giving the well-loved Star Wars universe a Filipino touch. Cobonpue has partnered with Disney to create a Star Wars-inspired collection. He said he has been working for the past six months to develop the pieces for the collection and he showed the fans and special guests of Hall D what we can expect. And these all look pretty cool. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to bring phones in during the panel so you’re going to have to wait a bit to see the collection in full. What we do have below is a sneak peek of the Imperial TIE Fighter-inspired chair called the Imperial Wings, which is an eye-catching longue chair that mimics the look of the iconic spacecraft.

A lot of the pieces the Filipino designer showed at APCC were heavily inspired by The Dark Side. He had the Darth Vader-inspired Vader chair, which is a swiveling business chair he likens to a business class seat on an airplane. It has Vader’s image on it and even comes with an armrest of sorts to place your laptop on so you can plot your evil plans, er, we mean, work.

There’s also the Death Star-inspired Empire Moon floor lap, which had satellites and the like going around it. And an ominous-looking Darth Sidious chair, which mimicked the long tall cloak of the Star Wars villain.

There were also two Light Side-inspired pieces as well. Although, the aptly named Little Jedi light, which showed many interconnected little Jedi knights had a touch of the dark side, too. One of the Jedi knights was red and Cobonpue said this represented the one who turned to the Dark Side.

A personal favorite though had to be the Chewbacca one, which came in the form of an ottoman. You couldn’t mistake it for anything other than Han Solo’s faithful sidekick.

Cobonpue didn’t share when we’d see the full collection but for big Star Wars fans, we’re sure you’re going to love these.

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