Netflix is a treasure trove of shows and movies but it’s not the easiest to navigate when you’re using a TV remote control. The streaming service recently updated its user interface for TVs and the new look is said to be a result of “rigorous research and testing.” The goal was to make sure you have the easiest time looking for titles you might want to watch without being limited by the few buttons on your remote.

Aside from making it easier to spot new content, it’s also easier to search for specific TV shows or movies. You can access six sections via a new menu ribbon on the left-hand side of the screen: search, home, TV series, movies, My List, and new. The last section shows all the recently added titles to the service.

Netflix splits up TV shows and movies because according to their research, “while a member generally isn’t sure what exact title to watch, they have a pretty good sense of whether they are in the mood for a quick series episode or a longer movie experience.”

The UI itself takes a lot of visual elements you’ve seen in its mobile apps.

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