It seems fitting that LG launches its new eye-catching and sleek TV at an amazing venue. The Tree of Life, the most recognizable landmark at the newly opened National Museum of Natural History, served as the backdrop for the launch of the 77-inch OLED Wallpaper TV (W8).

The P849,990 W8 TV features a paper-slim panel that’s just 2.57mm thin, making it look more like a window on a wall instead of an actual TV. It promises great picture quality with clear, bright, and sharp images. As an OLED panel, you’re also promised deep black levels and bold contrast, no matter which viewing angle or lighting setup you have in your room.

This OLED TV comes with LG’s new a9 processor to show you every hidden detail other panels might miss and it does so without noise or distortion. The W8 is also part of LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence platform, which means it offers more unique voice commands.

To show off the stunning features of the W8, LG previewed a video it has commissioned for the museum as part of its CSR commitment to education. Shot on 4K by underwater photographer and videographer Noel Guevara, the video features the exceptional diversity of the color-washed marine life and coral reefs at Balicasag Island in Bohol. The W8 became Guevara’s canvas for revealing the tiniest details of Bohol’s underwater world—from the marks on the face of a turtle to the sliver-like antennae of a reef shrimp—with incredible reality.

On top of this, LG is giving away some impressive prices, too. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, every purchase of any LG OLED TV from now until September 2 at participating dealer stores nationwide entitles you to one digital raffle entry. Thirty prizes are at stake, including one 77-inch LG OLED TV W8, one 55-inch Super UHD TVs, two 43-inch UHD TVs, five SK5 SoundBars, 11 PK5 Portable Speakers, and 10 Netflix Premium memberships (valid for three months). Just log on to for more details.

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