Fossil’s Summer 2018 collection is all about mixing and matching colors and textures that let both men and women refresh their looks this summer and beyond. Featured products include Q Jacqueline and Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatches, Fossil backpack for women, Jacqueline Marble Watch, Buckner Backpack and more—each style uniquely designed by Fossil for you to enjoy the summer breeze.

The Fossil Q Hybrid (that looks like a watch and acts like a smartwatch) is both practical and personalized. With these Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatches, taking selfies and blasting energetic music are now made easier.

The Q Jacqueline Hybrid smartwatch with rose-gold stainless steel mesh strap doesn’t just pair well with that perfect tan, it also helps its wearer stay connected through smart features that can be synced up with mobile or tablet devices. Take that selfie or play your favorite summer music (even in this dreary weather) with just a push of a button—functionalities integrated with a traditional watch design.

Fossil’s Ryder Leather Satchel now comes with a new blue color for an energetic image. With Ryder and Jacqueline, you can keep everything in place and in-sync just like a Fossil Woman should be.

The Ryder Blue Leather Satchel (ZB7412491) goes for P9,520 and the Q Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch with Rose-gold Stainless Steel Mesh Strap (FTW5018) will be available soon

The dual-dial and the customizable three-button design of Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch with black stainless steel mesh strap is suitable for the man who likes to keep his life on track. It comes with smartphone notifications and activity monitoring features, like number of steps or quality of sleep.

The new Buckner Backpack is a combination of brown leather and blue canvas to highlight the strong contrast between the two playful colors. The Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch with black stainless steel mesh strap creates a robust image when worn along with a Buckner.

The Buckner Backpack (MBG9365400) goes for P9,520 and the Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch with Black Stainless Steel Mesh Strap (FTW1161) will be available soon

Features of Q Jacqueline and Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch include: smartphone notifications, activity tracking, sleep tracking, camera control, music control, ring-your-phone, auto-update time/date, second time zone, customizable buttons, custom goal setting, and customizable watch straps

Fossil’s summer collection introduces essentials of nature to create sophisticated and chic style for girls. The Classic Campbell Crossbody’s new blue color provides a fresh look to its signature square shape, easy-access zippers, and interchangeable straps. Together with the new Jacqueline Marble Watch (with genuine white marble dial, pastel pink bezel, and a mineral gray leather strap), Campbell offers a sophisticated and chic look to your outfit.

The Campbell Blue Crossbody (ZB7516491) goes for P6,620 and the Jacqueline Marble Watch (ES4377) goes for P9,050

Fossil introduces the Camilla Backpack this summer. This leather pack can easily convert into a shoulder bag or top handle tote with adjustable and detachable straps. It’s the perfect companion for women who like changing their style constantly. Matching it with the Tailor Multifunction Blush Leather Watch in spinographic dial, multifunction movement and blush leather strap would do the trick to elevate your unique feminine style.

The Tailor Multifunction Blush Leather Watch (ES4393) goes for P9,770 and the Camilla Backpack (ZB7517231) goes for P9,520

Meanwhile, the Neutra Chronograph Navy Leather Watch features a navy satin dial, rose gold bezel with stick indices, and chronograph movement. Whereas the Minimalist Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch with clean cream satin dial is the perfect option for men who like to keep it low-key. Either one goes well with a Haskell Double Zip Workbag and will definitely create a reliable look.

The Neutra Chronograph Navy Leather Watch (FS5454) goes for P10,490, the Haskell Double Zip Workbag (MBG9342222) goes for P14,352, and the Minimalist Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch (FS5439) goes for P8,320

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