I’d like to identify as a person who has a constant thirst for adventure, as well as a habit of making every moment as exciting as possible. But I’ve come to realize that I am very much a boring person who simply wants to stay within her predictive capacity. So when the new Nissan Terra had its regional premiere by being driven around a sandy open area with some man-made elevations, I knew I was in for an exhilarating experience I’ve never had before. Because for starters, it is after all a descendant of the brand’s tough off-road icon, the Patrol–which was designed for police and military use.

During its launch at the Clark Global City in Clark, Pampanga, the Terra’s off-road capabilities were exhibited much to the awe of the crowd filled with local and foreign media, and brand principals. While seeing it in action was already quite a sight, getting to ride the Terra was an entirely different experience–a better one, of course.

The on-road and off-road test drive of Nissan’s first mid-size SUV in the Philippines took place in SCTEX and Delta 5 in Porac, respectively. The on-road experience along SCTEX was quite alright, partly due to the fact that I was already doing mentally preparing myself before we go off-road. And when we started our journey through Delta 5, we were met with bumpy rocky roads, lahar-filled courses, and streams. Challenging as they were, the Nissan Terra still delivered a ride defined by strength, durability, comfort, and convenience–thanks to its reinforced chassis, five-link coil spring rear suspension system, and rigid rear-wheel axle.

And despite the liberating one might feel from going through off-road paths (like I did), the Nissan Terra still affords its driver with much control over the vehicle during 4×4 situations; through its 4WD-DIFF lock system, Hill Descent Control, and Hill Start Assist.
Speeding through the streams, I was expecting the car to somehow slip and/or take some time to recover during quick turns and lane-changes, which were eventually smooth and seamless.

The control freak in me was at ease during the entire journey because to top it all off, the Terra employs Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies like Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, and Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection that help provide utmost safety to the driver and passengers. There is also the Smart Rear View Mirror that enables drivers to view the surroundings behind it, through a camera mounted at the back. All these are the perfect features for a vehicle that delivers exhilarating off-road experiences, while maintaining utmost comfort and safety–as it also identifies as a family-friendly car.

Aside from its top-notch technologies, the new Nissan Terra also upholds the convenience of its driver and passengers through its spacious interior seats, premium leather seats, advanced air conditioning system, ambient lights, and overhead entertainment. Regardless if we were going through on or off-road paths, being inside the vehicle was both an exciting and comforting experience already. Also worth mentioning is the second row one-touch remote fold and tumble seats that is just so convenient and perfect for those on-the-go.

President and Managing Director of Nissan Philippines Ramesh Narasimhan said that the features of the new Nissan Terra “work together to bring the exceptional to everyday life,” and he is right. It is highly capable of keeping up with adventurous souls (and even converting those who aren’t), while still providing control, comfort, and safety that we are used to.

This was an experience I never thought I’d be utterly delighted and elated by, and it has made me excited for more like it.

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Nadine Dizon
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