The newest instax camera wants to help you get a bit more creative as you capture unforgettable moments in your life. The instax SQUARE SQ6 prints out your snaps in a square format, which is 1.5 times larger than the standard instax mini prints.

On top of this, the camera offers different modes and features to make sure you get great shots. It has an Automatic Exposure Control, which instantly brightens your photo’s subject and background no matter how bright or dark it is. It also features a Selfie Mode and Selfie Mirror, which automatically adjusts brightness and focal length to an ideal level so you get the best selfie you can get with this camera.

The SQUARE SQ6 also comes with a Macro Mode to capture subjects from a close range of 30-50cm. And if you want to take photos of the world around you, this camera also has a Landscape Mode that takes photos of your subjects two meters away and beyond.

If you want to experiment more, the SQUARE SQ6 also offers Double Exposure Mode, where you’ll need press the shutter twice to get an artistic shot of two images in the same print. And with Light or Dark Mode, you can lighten or darken your photos to your heart’s content. You also get flash color filters that come in orange, purple, and green.

The instax SQUARE SQ6 retails for P7,999 and is sold by authorized Fujifilm dealers nationwide. It comes in three stylish colors: Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, and Pearl White.

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