As Huawei continues to revolutionize camera technology with the P20 series, the flagship models have been a major factor in helping the company rise to the top, in terms of sales.

Compared with the previous flagship P10 models that were launched in early 2017, the P20 models – which include a triple-camera on the P20 Pro handset – have helped drive shipments up 81 per cent year on year during the 10 week period, with shipments in Greater China and overseas markets surging 63 per cent and 150 per cent respectively, Ho said during a keynote speech a.

The triple-camera-equipped P20 models have increased up to 81 percent year on year during its 10-week period. And in his keynote speech at CES Asia in Shanghai on Wednesday, Huawei handset business President Kevin Ho said that shipments in Greater  China and overseas markets have increased up to 63 percent and 150 percent,respectively.

In general, shipments of the P20 models have increased to more than 80 percent in less than three months. According to Ho, six million P20 and P20 Pro phones have been shipped since the series’ launch in Paris, last March.

Additionally, Huawei and Xiaomi expanded shipments by 38.6 percent and over 999 percent respectively in the first quarter of 2018 in the European market that is dominated by Samung and Apple which had a 15.4 percent and 5.4 percent decline in the same period, according to a report from research firm Canalys.

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