Kevler may or may not be a brand you’re familiar with (not to confuse it with Kevlar material) but the brand has been making everything from professional mics, speakers, amplifiers, and the like. On top of this, the brand now has a handful of portable Bluetooth speakers thrown into the mix. I got my hands on one of the new ones, the Kevler BT-202, how does it stack up?

Looks tough. If I base it on its looks alone, the BT-202 looks ready for the outdoors. It’s wrapped in rubber with exposed screws and sides that look like tire treads. It certainly looks like it can take some abuse. It’s light yet feels well-constructed. However, I’m not sure how long the flap that covers the AUX, DCIN, and power switch will last. Having that flap suggests that the speaker could be water resistant. But that isn’t the case. The BT-202 is splash proof with an IPX5 rating. You can get it splashed with some water but please don’t attempt to take it into the water with you.

Not for the bass heads. When it comes to sound quality, you’re not going to be completely blown out of the water with this device. The sound is a bit thin across frequencies. Don’t expect any heart-thumping bass here. Don’t attempt to push the volume to the max, too. The sound will be very distorted. But if you stay in the mids and if you aren’t into bass-heavy music, this should be a decent speaker. Call quality isn’t that bad either. Yes, this can handle voice free calls. It’s not fantastic but it’ll get you by. And if you want you can listen to the FM radio on this one, too.

The little things. I’ve noticed a few quirks about this speaker, too. It can handle being connected to one device at a time but it thankfully doesn’t drop connections that easily. Bluetooth range is pretty good as well. However, it makes this really obnoxious alarm sound when it’s low battery. It sort of sounds like it makes you want to hide in a bunker or something (perhaps to match the rugged looks of the speaker).

Just keeps going. I’ve done the Energizer bunny analogy way too many times but this is certainly one of those devices that warrant it. At moderate volume, I was able to get around 15 hours and 30 minutes from this speaker. To charge the BT-202, you’ll need around three to four hours.


The Kevler BT-202 is for casual music listeners who need to listen to music for hours on end.


Max output power: 6W x 2

Input sensitivity: ≥60dB

Input impedance: ≥10KΩ

Frequency range: 150Hz–18KHz

Driver: 1.75” 4Ω

Connectivity & I/O ports: Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR, 8–10M range (w/o obstacle); AUX IN; DCIN

Battery: 1,200mAh

Other features: IPX5 splash proof, FM Radio, hands free call option

Dimensions & weight: 155 x 73.9 x 7.8mm, 180g

Price: P1,599 (Lazada)

Test: Kevler BT-202
8.3Overall Score

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