Convenience is at the heart of what Starbucks wants to offer its customers with the recently launched Starbucks PH app. It combines the Starbucks Card payment method with My Starbucks Rewards in one platform.

Through the app, you can easily pay for your favorite Starbucks drinks, food, and merchandise at over 300 stores across the country. With the Shake to Pay feature, you can just hold up your phone to be scanned at the cashier. And since the app is linked to your My Starbucks Rewards account, your balance is updated automatically. You can check your past transactions on the app and even track your Stars and rewards there, too. Unfortunately, at the time of the launch, you can’t reload your balance yet from the app itself. But it could come in future updates. You can pool your Starbucks Cards into one account and deactivate any lost cards using the app.

The Starbucks PH app is also where you can get news on the coffee company’s newest offerings and promos. The app also shows you a menu of beverages, food options, packaged whole bean coffee, seasonal products, and merchandise. You might also get special offers and event invitations right from the app’s inbox, which you can share to friends, family, and followers right on social media.

If you’re looking for a Starbucks store near you, you can also use the app to look for the nearest one. You can search by store name, Starbucks Reserve store, drive-thru store, or those that are open at the moment. The Starbucks PH app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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