As launched during Google’s annual developer conference I/O 2018, Google Assistant’s newest updates are now more personalized and interactive than ever.

1. New voices
For starters, six new voices have been to Google Assistant’s lineup–and one of them is John Legend’s, which will be released later this year. Assistant is globally used on 500 million devices such as smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, and more; and is also compatible with more than 5,000 connected devices.

It has now been improved to be more interactive and conversational, which means that it automatically understands conversations, from start to finish.

2. Pretty Please
This feature caters to families as it consistently enables children to say “please.” It will also be available later this year.

3. Multiple Actions
With this new feature, you can ask it for multiple things simultaneously and it will deliver. Multiple Actions is now available.

4. Schedule Appointments
Living up to the responsibilities of its name and leveling up to its human counterparts, Google Assistant, through the new Google Duplex technology, can in the future make phone calls to schedule your appointments—simply provide details like time, day, and visit time. And this will be done with a normal-sounding non-robotic human voice. This feature will be available—albeit as an experiment—in the coming weeks.

Additional features include navigation in Google Maps—which will be available this summer—and a delivery option as well.

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