To launch their latest #haveitalltwsteel campaign, TW Steel took members of the press to a three-day action-packed trip in Corregidor, an island the brand identifies with—in terms of being exceptional and unforgettable.

Members of the press and brand principals come together at the Mile-Long Barracks for an action-packed afternoon

“I think [the island] suits [TW Steel] very well,” said TW Steel’s Senior Marketing Manager Auke Possel. “Many people don’t like [TW Steel] and that’s fine, but at least they have an opinion about it, because we have personality and character. And the same goes for this island. You can hate it or love it, but it has character.”

While wearing their TW Steel watches, participants went through a wide array of physical and mental activities that were nothing short of exhilarating and exciting. From touring around the island’s scenic sights to puzzle solving to bike relays to sunset viewing, participants were able to experience and emulate TW Steel’s essence of living life artfully with boldness and style.

Members of the press and the brand were put together in teams for the day’s activities

On the second night of the event, Possel himself even initiated a tour of some of the sights of the island, including the 1,000-bed hospital and other areas of the Malinta tunnel that were not covered by the tour on the first day. It was undoubtedly a thrilling experience for the participants who volunteered to join.

“I thought, we need something new and exciting. And that’s going through the tunnels in the dark,” said Possel. “So, there’s an extra dimension that takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Participants explore the Malinta tunnel together


This serves as a testament to the brand’s prime characteristic of versatility, hence the #haveitalltwsteel label. According to Possel, their motivation behind such consistent flexibility across different lifestyles and/or life events is established from two things: ambition and confidence.

“One of the key drivers of the company is to be ambitious which means there is a continuous drive to better and always improve somewhere. It also means you have a healthy critical view of what you’re doing. And I think that, in line with the confidence in our own view. I think those two things make it [possible] that every day you’re trying to see new opportunities, whether it’d be a product design, campaign, or anything else.”

New Mavericks and Volante

The three-day affair also made way for the launch of TW Steel’s new offerings—the New Mavericks and the Volante collections. These two collections’ conceptualizations root from the two schools of thought of TW Steel, namely product and brand.

Possel identifies the New Mavericks as a manifestation of the “brand” side due to it being an updated version of one TW Steel’s previous collections. “The Maverick comes from the concept of the Son of Time first,” he said.

Following up the successful Maverick collection from 2016, the company beefed up their lineup for the New Mavericks by launching seven new timepieces that draw inspiration from the Son of Time masterpiece. “We infused in the Maverick the same kind of raw DNA of the whole Son of Time. The old Maverick, they have that real thick vintage leather, and we replaced that with a more Italian leather just to give it a more sophisticated feel,” he said.

(L-R) MB33 and MS114. The New Mavericks collection is an update to the successful 2016 Mavericks series, and are powered by chronograph movements

In this collection, cool vintage styling is the defining trait, coupled with the resounding bold attitude of TW Steel. Bringing refinement to the design elements of their 2016 counterparts, the new models are powered by chronograph movements, and are available in two sizes: 45mm and 48mm. All models feature sapphire coated crystals, pushers resembling engine pistons, and a “fuel cap” crown. All Maverick extensions are 10 ATM water resistant in adherence to the brand’s standards. Price of the New Mavericks pieces start at P20,000.

On the other hand, the Volante collection is from the “product” side as it is TW Steel’s recreation of the Pilot piece, which is constant across other brands.

“The Volante is a version 2.0 of our Pilot—a staple in the watch industry. Every brand has something like it and it’s a very iconic and timeless design,” Possel said. “From a product perspective, we decided to capture that and give it our own twist. But not to make it a Pilot watch again, but for a long-term [design] which is moving quickly whether it’s a car or a plane. So that’s the product side.”

(L-R) VS83 and VS54. The Volante collection is TW Steel’s recreation of the Pilot piece.

The timepieces in this collection come in 45mm and 48mm sizes and feature a premium textile wristband in four color variants. There are also 30 different executions to choose from in this series. The Volante pieces retail for around P14,000-20,000.

Visit TW Steel boutiques in Alabang Town Center, Century Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Seaside Cebu to avail of the new collection or go to TW Steel’s website for more details.

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