Ricoh’s latest innovation wants to help change the way you and your team work. The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D6510 is a one-stop collaboration hub that lets you and your co-workers exchange thoughts and ideas together, even when all of you aren’t in the same room.

Built specifically for conference or large meeting rooms, this multi-touch display lets you annotate precisely with ShadowSense technology. You can share documents remotely or surf the web right from the whiteboard to help facilitate discussions easily. It comes with built-in speakers and microphone as well and an optional Ricoh camera for video conferencing. It integrates with Ricoh video conference services UCS and UCS Advanced and Skype for Business.

The D6510 can be controlled with either a Ricoh or operating system-free controller. It supports Bluetooth to let you connect mobile devices easily. It also has multiple USB ports, if you prefer to attach hardware to the device. With optional Ricoh Streamline NX integration, the D6510 allows for secure card-based access as well as email and printer support for anything produced on the whiteboard. The D6510 is available in 55-, 65-, and 84-inch Full HD LCD panels.

Learn more at this and other Ricoh IWB products in this link.

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