According to the International Data Corporation, the Philippines is among the “few remaining bright sports” for traditional PCs in the Asia Pacific region, as it is the only Southeast Asian country that shows PC adoption growth.

For the past five years, the Philippine PC market has had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3%, as its ASEAN neighbors have had declining CAGRs between -3% to -12%. IDC cites the country’s slow technology adoption, mobility trend, and large millennial Filipino population as the reasons behind the trend.

“Despite smartphones having drawn away a portion of consumer demand in recent years, desktop and notebook PCs remain viable personal computing devices, especially for heavy workloads and higher-level entertainment,” said Sean Paul Agapito, associate market analyst for client devices at IDC Philippines.

Laptops have become the traditional PC of choice among consumers, while desktops are mostly used for commercial and gaming purposes.

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