Cherry Mobile is hoping its latest announcement will let its customers know that it’s committed to bringing the best features it can to their devices. With cameras being a major deciding factor for getting a new smartphone these days, the Filipino company has invested in a new Camera Lab in its Manila headquarters.

Cherry Mobile partnered with Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Group to build the lab. The two companies collaborated on everything from how the room looks, its size, to the equipment needed. The testing facility does image quality checks for things like color accuracy, sharpness, ISO, and BSI. We were told the Flare S6 phones have been tested here.

When asked about why the Camera Lab has been built, Cherry Mobile’s AVP for Product Development Lonson Alejandrino said, “Selfie-centric smartphone is becoming a trend and Cherry Mobile understands the importance of it to the Filipino market, hence, we are continuously developing and innovating when it comes to camera features. We want to give our consumers an experience at par with high-end camera phones but at a price that is still within their budget. We want to be with them in capturing every moment, sceneries, and stunning selfies, so we really opt[ed] to invest on enhancement technologies such as this. I’m proud to say that we are the first in the local market to really act upon improving and upgrading our phones’ camera features with our very own Camera Lab.”

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