After making its rounds in Indonesia and Thailand, the Sennheiser Sound Forum makes its way to Manila. The Sound Forum is a series of sustained educational events where the brand can share its insights on the audio industry.

The main focus of the events revolve around five consumer- and prosumer audio-related topics including selecting the right headphones for your lifestyle, gaming trends in the Philippines, selecting mics for audio-for-video applications, caring for headphones and microphones, as well as a peek into 3D audio from the Sennheiser AMBEO program.

During the event, attendees will get to hear user testimonies from the Sennheiser Sound Heroes, who got to experience first-hand a lot of these new technologies themselves. Sennheiser said they are hoping to host Sound Forum that will be open to the public similar to what they’ve done in Indonesia and Thailand.

“The Sennheiser Sound Forum is a Sennheiser-owned initiative that renews our audio leadership efforts and commitment to our users. Since making its rounds in Indonesia and Thailand, this inaugural edition in Manila is a reflection and culmination of extensive product development and market research, staying true to our vision of pioneering the future of audio. We believe our latest headphones and microphones will blaze the trails for the audio industry in the Philippines,” saysMartin Low, managing director of Sennheiser Asia.

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