LRT commuters were treated to a surprise as two of the fastest Yamaha riders in the world rode the LRT 1. Almost a year has passed when the Philippines witnessed the coming of legendary riders Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi and Maverick “Top Gun” Viñales. Last February 14, the duo graced the unveiling of Yamaha’s latest venture in the Philippines. In partnership with Light Rail Manila Corporation and PHAR Partnerships, Yamaha Motors Philippines, Inc. presented the LRT Yamaha Monumento Station. Valentino and Viñales on Valentine’s Day rode the LRT line 1 from Roosevelt station to Monumento station. Gracing the event, Valentino and Maverick left behind their own Yamaha Star handprints on display and can be seen at the platform of the Yamaha Monumento Station.

Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales getting off at LRT Monumento

The two riders then went to 10th Avenue in Caloocan, the country’s motorcycle capital, to meet fans and kicked off the Yamaha Time 2 Rev event for everyone. The event was graced by riders of all kinds, from enthusiasts to commuters, everyone was welcome. The Doctor and Top Gun also handed out awards to Yamaha GP riders from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, as well as Wild Card entries, who garnered the most votes at the recently held social media contest. Lucky fans were able to have a meet-and-greet session with the Rossi and Viñales, and some bystanders even got their shirts and helmets signed.

After having their presence felt in 10th Avenue, a press conference was held for media folks at the Seda Hotel in Vertis North. This also served as an avenue for the two to meet with dealers from around the country and shared their thoughts about riding a Yamaha. Valentino and Maverick expressed how it’s always a delight to come to the Philippines as they always enjoy the warm reception they always get and the support that Filipino fans give to MotoGP.

Maverick Viñales

Valentino Rossi

The two unfortunately had to leave early because of the scheduled testing for MotoGP in Thailand. But their departure is only halfway of what Yamaha Time 2 Rev has in store for the day. Going back to 10th Avenue, Yamaha Motor Philippines launched their We Are Mio campaign alongside their newest ambassadors, the Miollennials. Each Mio model launched corresponds to a certain character and lifestyle that riders can attribute themselves to. BoybandPH represented the Mio Sporty, Matteo Guidicelli for the Mio Aerox 155, Drew Arellano for the Mio Soul i 125, and Nadine Lustre for the Mio i 125.

It was a very special Valentine’s day indeed, and a different kind of kilig as Yamaha Revved Your Heart.

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