Bangkok, Thailand—No one wants to be a one-hit wonder. Everyone wants to get better, produce their best work constantly. We see this in different industries. In tech, you see it in each flagship device companies put out. Some might veer off and do completely different things. But that’s iteration, you build on what you’ve had in the past and make it better.

British tech company Dyson is particularly good at that. They will spend years upon years to make sure the products they develop address problems their customers have. The latest product Dyson launched in Bangkok last month is as Martyn Davies, Dyson’s general manager for Southeast Asia, says “the culmination of 25 years of dedicated, iterative improvement” of the company’s floor care technology. Meet the Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre.

Dyson General manager for Southeast Asia Martyn Davies

The new cord-free vacuum is part of Dyson’s V8 line, which they launched back in 2016 and said to be the company’s fastest selling machine ever. Dyson made some improvements on the V8 line, which gets its name from the company’s advanced motor the V8 digital motor. What’s new this time and why should you drop P47,500 for the V8 Carbon Fibre? Let us count the ways.

Exploring key technologies

One of the important features of it is the aforementioned V8 digital motor, which sits right in the handle of the V8 Carbon Fibre. Dyson Design Engineer Sam Twist describes it as being “incredibly small, quiet, but amazingly powerful.” With the help of this motor, this cord-free vacuum boasts no loss of suction. And Dyson has managed to boost the air watt of the machine by 30 percent, which means you get 155 air watts of suction power. Twist assures that the V8 Carbon Fibre is able to maintain features like advanced filtration and the same 40 minute fade-free runtime in low mode. Dyson promises this no loss of suction will last for the lifetime of the machine.

Dyson Design Engineer Sam Twist demonstrating the V8 Carbon Fibre in front of the Southeast Asian media

Dyson has been able to maintain the runtime because of improvements in its battery technology. According to Twist, they have been able to change the battery buildup chemistry in the V8 Carbon Fibre to include nickel, cobalt, and aluminum. The batteries have been sealed safely within the machine and are said to last the lifetime of the vacuum.

“We’ve remapped the motor control electronics here, which is the crucial step and effectively the brain of the product,” Twist explains. “And that’s how we’ve managed to increase the suction power and maintain everything else.”

One more improvement is in their cyclone technology. Twist says they’ve included 15 radial tiered cyclones that are arranged across two levels. The technology was previously only available on Dyson’s full-sized cylinder and upright machines but they’ve managed to condense these to fit into the cord-free format. And because the entire machine is well-sealed, Dyson promises minimal return of dust into the room.

“These spin air very fast and separate dust into the clear bin below,” Twist talks about the cyclones. “These can separate dust and remove 99.9 percent of all dust down to 0.3 microns in diameter.”

But aside from what powers it on the inside, the design of the V8 Carbon Fibre is important, too. As Twist explains, “Another great thing about our machines is their versatility. With the machine and the heavy aspects of the machine like the motor and the battery are above it, it feels great in your hand and makes it really easy to maneuver around. Therefore, you can balance it on your finger and it’s been perfectly balanced by our engineers. This may look simple but so much dedication and time has gone into making this absolutely perfect. The balance of the machine is really important when you’re cleaning up high and down low.”

If you want to see the V8 Carbon Fibre in action, you can check out the video below:

Get attached

While the V8 Carbon Fibre has a slew of accessories and attachments you can use with it, there are two standard cleaner heads that Dyson wanted to draw our attention to. The first is the Fluffy soft roller cleaner head. It comes with nylon bristles that are great for getting large debris and it’s got four strips of carbon fiber as well. It’s designed for cleaning hard floors. The latter, Twist says, is important.

“Traditional cleaner heads can cause static electricity buildup on the floor, which effectively attracts the dust particles down,” he says. “But [with] the carbon fiber, you don’t get this, so the dust particles are freer and easier so we can get all particles off a clean black surface and it will look absolutely fantastic.”

Dyson Design Engineer Sam Twist talking about the Fluffy soft roller cleaner head

Aside from the Fluffy, Dyson also has the Direct Drive cleaner head. This one is made specifically for carpets and rugs. It houses a motor in the middle of the cleaner head, which helps drive red nylon bristles deep into the carpet and cleaning right down to the bottom. It has a strip of carbon fiber as well to catch the fine debris. It’s well-sealed so all of the power of the machine goes down to the rug.

On top of these you’ll also be getting a docking station to store and charge the V8 Carbon Fibre; a combination tool nozzle that converts to a brush tool for dusting; a crevice tool for cleaning narrow spaces; and a mini motorized tool for getting rid of ground-in dirt and hair from upholstery and confined spaces. There’s also a mattress tool for picking up fine dust from delicate futons, fabric, and upholstery; soft dusting brush; up top adaptor for high-reach cleaning; an extension hose that extends up to 60cm; and a flexi crevice tool for tackling dust and allergens in hard-to-reach places. You also get a tool bag to store all of your Dyson tools and cleaning accessories in one place.

The Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre will be available starting tomorrow, February 21 at the following Dyson stores: SM Aura Premier, Greenbelt 5, Century City Mall, and Greenhills Promenade. It will also be available at select branches of Rustan’s, True Value, Anson’s, and Abenson.

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