Local smartphone brand Starmobile is pushing the limits of affordability with two new mobile phones that feature price points below Php1,000.

UNO B510: The traffic buster

The UNO B510 is the perfect companion for those trapped in Manila’s horrendous traffic this holiday season. It features a TrafficBuster Analog TV that doesn’t need mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to view local TV. It also has an AllConnect Quad Band GSM that offers wider coverage and better service.

Featuring a 2.8-inch screen and a 15-day PowerVault Battery, the UNO B510 can power you through your commute for days. It will retail for P999 starting December.

UNO B309: Easy gripping

On the other hand, the B309 has an EasyGrip Body that features a big screen on a super sleek body.

Like the B510, the B309 has dual SIM capabilities, AllConnect Quad Band GSM, ClearCamera, BriteLite Torch, and the PowerVault Battery.

The UNO B309 will retail for only P799.


The new mobile phones will also be a part of the Starmobile STAR-TAGAL promo. From now until December 31, 2017, Starmobile customers will receive a scratch card with every purchase. The card contains a unique code that can be easily registered via SMS. Lucky winners can take home a Toyota Wigo, Toyota Innova, or Php1,000,000.

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