Canon’s newest addition to its lineup of mirrorless interachangeable lens cameras hopes to appeal to the millennials looking to invest in their first camera. And they got the perfect idol to represent this market, Kathryn Bernardo.

The EOS M100 is considered an entry-level camera aimed at smartphone photographers who want to invest in a real camera but are too intimidated of the different controls and functions of a standard camera. The M100 is mostly touch-centric with the controls placed mostly on the screen. It’s a compact camera that makes it easy to be lugged around.

It features the same 24-megapixel APS-C sensor seen in its more higher-end siblings, the M5 and M6. It comes with Canon’s newest DIGIC 7 processor with max continuous shooting speed at 6.1 frames per second, ISO at 100 – 25600, and 1080/60p video recording. To capture the always connected market, the camera also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity options. Canon is retailing the M100 for P33,998. It’s a hefty price and we’re wondering if that’ll work against it.

One pull, though, is the aforementioned face of Canon and specifically the M100, Kathryn Bernardo. Canon’s Consumer Group Director Benny Yu in a statement believes the camera is the perfect fit for the actress, “Our latest addition to our mirrorless cameras, the Canon EOS M100, is a fit for her as she brings her photography game a notch higher. It is perfect for her style with its sleek design, the pictures it produces deliver depth for strong storytelling, and its functionality enhances the experience of taking and sharing photos in an instant.”

(From left to right) Canon Director of Sales for Consumer Systems Products Richard Ordonez, Kathryn Bernardo, President and CEO Kazuhiro Ozawa, and Consumer Group Director Benny Yu

As for the 21-year-old actress, she talks about what she likes about photography. “Ever since I was young, I already loved taking photos. I always make it a point to have a camera with me when I travel, or during shoots or events, because I like keeping memories. My camera is filled with photos of my dogs and my niece! But given the chance and [more] time, I want to enroll in a photography class. Being around professional photographers all the time like Mark Nicdao and Sara Black really inspires me to take photos the way they do.”

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