In the memoirs of the late General Carlos P. Romulo, he recalled the joy of childhood Christmases, “the feasting and parties…  midnight mass on Christmas Eve in the old church made mystical by the glow of candles and fragrance of incense… and the sense of being safe with all one’s family in the presence of God.”

The best part was what followed the late-night mass: “Stumbling home under the midnight stars, half-asleep and clinging to my father’s hand, the ecstasy of the moment when, laughing at my weary plight, he would stoop down and scoop me up into his strong arms and carry me home.”

Once home, the young Romulo’s drowsiness forgotten, a rich feast always greeted them and always included lechon and relleno. With such vivid and fond memories, it is no surprise that Christmas family gatherings continued to be the most important kind in the Romulo household, and that his wife’s Christmas spread grew over their 44 years of marriage, just as the family grew to include four sons and ten grandchildren.

The Romulo Cafe replicates Virginia Llamas-Romulo’s Christmas spread in all their branches. Come have Lola Virginia’s Chicken Relleno or their Lechon Roll (allow 2 days’ notice) with your family and friends to celebrate the Christmas season.

For orders and reservations, please call Romulo Café Jupiter Street with telephone number 4786406 (look for Amy); Romulo Café Quezon City with telephone number: 3327275 (look for Gilbert); or Romulo Café Alabang with telephone number: 5561443 (Edith).