Audio specialist Sennheiser is shaping the future of audio in the country by relaunching locally with its latest campaign, Sennheisier Sound Heroes, and introducing a new suite of new audio solutions—including high end audio headphones, amplifiers, portable music and entertainment wireless headphones, DJ headphones, gaming headsets, as well mobile recording microphones for smartphones.

This new suite of headsets comes with the prestigious HE 1 headphones, a P3-million pair that epitomises audio quality. Following the success of the legendary Orpheus, the new HE 1 promises unprecedented audio. The electrostatic headphone system combines a unique amplifier concept with carefully selected materials and highest quality craftsmanship. It features a frequency response that extends beyond the range of human hearing, resulting in the lowest total harmonic disruption that has ever been measured in an audio reproduction system.

Highlights of the new product lineup include three wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones for people on the move: CX 7.00BT (P9,490), MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless (P12,590), and MOMENTUM Free (P12,590). It also includes a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones for travelers: PXC 550 Wireless (P24,190) and HD 4.50 BTNC (P12,590). Gamers will love the new models, GSP 300 (P5,990) and GSX 1200 Pro (P14,990).

Meanwhile, the new campaign is an initiative spearheaded by Sennheiser in Asia, particularly in Korea, Singapore, and now the Philippines. The project will follow 12 local creative personalities on a journey to discover new audio experiences with Sennheiser products, culminating in a trip to Sennheiser’s headquarters and flagship stores in Germany. For the Philippines, these 12 personalities include singers, actors, DJs, and bloggers: Khalil Ramos, Jay Gonzaga, Dannie Farmer, Jazmin Reyes, Cha Ocampo, Rhea Bue, Issa Pressman, Deere Razon, Ira Denise Oyco, Maui Castelo, Marga Bermudez, and Magic Liwanag.

As part of the campaign, Sennheiser is also raffling off a chance to join the Sound Heroes in Germany. Simply purchase Sennheiser products from participating authorised retailers from November 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

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