This generation is all about food, music, and travel—and documenting everything while they are at it. Self-expression is all the rage these days and whatever one does—may it be food-bingeing with friends or going places to experience the world, experiences captured through photos is practically mandatory.

It is the “pics-or-it-didn’t-happen” generation and a travel selfie captures one’s story in one frame. Everyone is getting on the selfie bandwagon and to take one during a restful or action-packed vacation is as common as taking a morning shower.

Vivo’s latest offering—the V7+—answers this coveted need. Known as one of the first 24-megapixel selfie-centric smartphones to hit the market, the V7+ Vivo’s perfect response to the selfie phenomenon. Its 24-megapixel clearer selfie, front-facing camera with LED flash and smart photography algorithms provides for a clear-cut, crisp, and natural-looking photo while one is out and about enjoying culture, nature, or simply cooling-off and relaxing.

This phone also boasts of a revolutionary 5.99-inch all-screen display with an 84.4% screen-to-body ratio, providing a more exciting and enhanced game and visual experience. V7+’s Special Face Beauty 7.0 feature brightens up photos and evens out complexions so capturing a selfie-moment is not a problem in dimly-lit environment. Mimicking DSLR cameras, the V7+’s Portrait Mode blurs out backgrounds to highlight sharper selfie features. The V7+’s camera also has a built-in bokeh feature which gives photos a beautiful effect of a soft out-of-focus background, a famous aesthetic in selfies in the recent years.

The V7+ comes in Matte Black color and Crown Gold at only P17,990 and is available at Lazada, Argomall, and all Vivo concept stores and kiosks.

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